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Y la tierra será el paraíso II


Y la tierra será el paraíso II is composed of a photographic diptych taken by mass media, and wooden model that represents one of the blocks of the gigantic social housing projects of La Mina, a neighborhood located in the limits of Barcelona, constructed at the end of the sixties to relocate the population coming from different shanty towns. The first photograph, from 1970, shows the dictator Franco and the mayor of Barcelona posing next to the model of La Mina neighborhood project. The other image, shows a couple of gypsy women, relocated in the area, holding the model of their shack at Camp de la Bota, built by themselves with cardboard. Thus, the artist show us the image of power presenting itself as the leader of the population through large construction campaigns, in front of the image of the most disadvantaged classes of society, which take over the urban space making use of all the resources they find at their reach.


Domènec, Y la tierra será el paraíso II, 2020

Painted wood, photograph on aluminium

Maquette: 60 x 14 x 10 cm; photo B/W: 25 x 33 cm; photo B/R: 14  x 18 cm

Edition 2 of 5

2.800,00  + VAT (if applicable)