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Códices. Minga Banano – Landázuri

Marcos Ávila-Forero

Códices is a series produced during seven years. This project, results from the joint efforts of the artist with researchers and social organizations to take part in the fight for the empowerment of rural communities. These pieces function as research papers, in order to set the stage for interaction practices between agricultural production and peasant social development. Inspired by critical pedagogy, the formal structure of this work revised diverse techniques as the colonials chronicler’s codex, defined by descriptive methodology with codified graphic elements, or muralism, but also concept maps and literacy primers.

Marcos Ávila-Forero, Códices. Minga Banano- Landázuri, 2019

Two-color stencil

75 x 104 cm

Unique piece series of 3

4.800,00  + VAT (if applicable)