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Toutes les chambres d’hôtel se ressemblent

Carlos Pazos

The work of Carlos Pazos (Barcelona, ​​1949) is inserted, in the words of Manolo Borja-Villel, in the “aesthetics of silence and emptiness. Reality is included in Pazos’ work as a void, there is no reference to art and the object always refers to a fiction, therefore the tension between collage and the representation of void constitutes one of the most interesting contributions of this artist ”. These sets show the centrality of the collage technique that the artist dominates in a unique way, Pazos assumes collage as a procedure, collage as a representation of a self-defined and bounded world where reality is included as absence, almost a negative of the desecrated everyday and with a humorous charge of great acidity.


Carlos Pazos, Toutes les chambres d’hôtel se ressemblent, 1998
Collage on paper
17 x 12,5 cm
Unique piece

1.800,00  + VAT (if applicable)