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Stasi Secret Rooms

Daniel & Geo Fuchs

The photographic images by artist duo Daniel Fuchs (Alzenau-Deutschland, 1966) and Geo Fuchs (Frankfurt-Deutschland, 1969) exert their own special attraction.This fascination is particularly noticeable in the large-format framed color photographs. On this occasion we are recovering some pieces from Stasi Secret Rooms; one of the Fuchs’ most recognizable series, which was exhibited at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge in Barcelona in 2007. With this project the artists show the architectural heritage of the extinct German Democratic Republic through images of offices, prisons and  archive of the fearsome Stasi. These coldly portrayed interior spaces, full of color and silence, refer us to scenes of maximum conflict by means of absence, emptiness and trail.


Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Stasi Secret Rooms, 2006
80 x 62,5 cm (framed 88 x 70,5 cm)
Edition 4 of 8




3.400,00  + VAT (if applicable)