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Libro The Missing Show. mounir fatmi

mounir fatmi

This book contains a project based on a performance developed in September 2017, when Mounir Fatmi opens an exhibition in New York, at the Jane Lombard Gallery. By reading two texts, a letter addressed to his gallery owner and a set of poems, the artist recounts his decision not to go to American territory, as well as the discovery of his own exhibition through the networks social and anonymous looks.

These published comments were translated into poems through the cutting process, by the artist and the machine, producing digital poetry. “The Missing Show” sees language in the post-internet era in its transitive potential of individualism and individualization. By experiencing reality in all its discontinuity, Mounir Fatmi elevates language to the rank of a form of resistance.


SFpublishing, The Missing Show, mounir fatmi,  2017.
Book (96 pg)
11 x 18 cm
Texts by mounir fatmi and Alan Gilbert

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