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Il faut reconstruire l’Hacienda

Bruno Peinado

This book commemorates Bruno Peinado’s exhibition, “We must rebuild the Hacienda” of October 2016. Based on photos, anecdotes and texts by Sandra Patron (Director of MRAC, Sérignan) and Claire Le Restif (Director of Crédac, Ivry-sur- Seine), this book reflects the motif of the “hacienda” around which the exhibition was built.

The Hacienda is both a concept defined by Ivan Chtcheglov (from a 1950s manifesto) and the name of a Manchester nightclub, a meeting place for musicians, visual artists and graphic designers. It symbolizes a place to think and share, challenging the standardization of the contemporary world. The exhibition, like a hacienda, set out to build a new social, political and poetic space: every Sunday heterogeneous proposals (DJ sets, conferences…) followed one another within the works exhibited by Bruno Peinado.


Dilecta, Il faut re-contruir l´hacienda, Bruno Peinado,  2017.
Catalog (252 pg)
16.1 x  22.4 cm

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