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Green Air

Pep Vidal

With The air project, Pep Vidal takes after Duchamp’s 1919 work “50 cc of air from Paris” adapted to the conditions of the globalized world. After the accident and repair of the original work by Duchamp in 1949, the debate opened on whether or not the work still contained “air from Paris.” In his rendition, Vidal collects “air” from various sources without leaving his own home due to digital commerce and the relocation of large industries. For that matter, the work reveals uncertainties about the origin of consumer objects, products that also cause the collapse of international traffic and increase air pollution as a consequence of the hyperproduction and hypermobility they entail.


Pep Vidal, Green Air, 2022
Air, plastic and methacrylate.
12 x 12 x 12 cm.
Unique piece





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