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Getting close to my masculinity (from the Captain America series)

Margaret Harrison

The artist questions the stereotypes that limit sex and gender identities of people, through irony and the exploration of  social constructions of masculinity and femininity. As seen in the Captain American series, the artist reports in her watercolors, that the oppression system towards women is historical and changing, not immanent. She denounces the objectification of women and the reproduction of male domination by using stereotypes in pop culture icons, celebrities from the movies industry and, in this case, heroes from Marvel and Disney, reversing gender established roles and hypersexualising the male figure.


Margaret Harrison, Getting close to my masculinity (from the Captain American series), 2013
Pencil, watercolor and collage on paperç
Diptych: 71 x 50 cm each (83,5 x 63,5 x 3 cm framed)
Unique piece



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