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El Dorado

Jordi Colomer

This questioning about the construction of imagery taking the city as the territory to invent solitary occupations, also appears in the series El Dorado (2019). Made during the same period in Mexico City, this work also responds to a dynamic of exploration of the city´s susceptibility for diverse interpretations: “a foreigner” –the artist himself– begins the search for El Dorado, or Lo Dorado (the golden), this time with tools of our day. There is nothing heroic about the expedition that consists simply of locating the places that bear that same name on a digital map of the city, continuing on the indicated route, and photographing them in full light: making them visible. In this case, El Dorado is not
a single place, it is plural and eccentric, concrete, humble. The richness that its name evokes in the various settings seen in the photos –party rooms, picnic areas, restaurants– lies in its virtues of convening, gathering, and celebrating.


Jordi Colomer, El Dorado, 2019
Glicée print on Hahnemühle paper on dibond
4 parts: 50 x 66 cm each
Edition 1 of 5

7.000,00  + VAT (if applicable)