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El discreto encanto de la burocracia

Alán Carrasco

In 1938 the Italian Legionary Aviation, based on a direct order from Mussolini, launched an aerial offensive against the civilian population of Barcelona from its three bases in Mallorca, causing between 880 and 1,300 deaths and between 1,500 and 2,000 wounded among the population. The work “The discreet charm of bureaucracy” shows, as a space of time stopped, two telegrams that start and end respectively the bombing of Barcelona. These reinforce the administrative paradox that also accompanies a warlike conflict: war is also managed as if it were an office, and its apparently aseptic bureaucratic cadence contrasts with its terrible consequences. Finally, on the acrylic that frames and protects the reproductions of the documents, a texture is displayed that completely recomposes the map of the bombings over Barcelona.


Alán Carrascco, El discreto encanto de la burocracia, 2021
Print on dibond, aluminium frame and UV print on acrylic.
Diptych, 60 x 46 cm each
Edition of 3

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