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El dedo acusador

Eugenio Merino

El Dedo Acusador (The Accusing Finge) is a bronze sculpture in the shape of a hand pointing its index finger at the viewer. The sculpture is an actual cast of anti-Francoist militant Lucio de la Nava´s hand. De la Nava is a former political prisoner, tortured and imprisoned during the Franco regime at the age of 22. He was sentenced on October 20, 1962, to 6 years in prison for illicit association, banditry, and terrorism. Non of the accusations could be proven. Currently, Lucio is part of the Argentine lawsuit against Francoism. The piece points to the heirs of past history, to the descendants of the dictatorship, to its institutions, to collective amnesia, to the rise of the extreme right, to the 78 regime. The hand of the vanquished pointing to the winner. Only by looking at the vanquished can we have a clearer vision of what really happened in the past.


Eugenio Merino, El dedo acusador, 2021
Bronce sculpture
16 x 9 x 8 cm.
Ediction of 5

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