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El breve siglo XX español

Alán Carrasco

The first of the two images corresponds to a postage stamp of Alfonso XIII that was  reused during the Republic Government  by crossing his effigy with the word Republic.The second image, on the other hand, is a beneficial stamp issued by the II Republic that was restamped later on by the Franco regime in 1941 with the incorporation of the new national emblem, including Saint John´s eagle and deliberately eliminating the inscription “Spanish Republic” with a geometric band on the upper margin. The first image, also includes as a motif the image of Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan, one of Velasquez´s most relevant paintings created c. 1630, which narrates the visit of Apollo, god of the arts, at the Forge of Vulcan to alert him of his wife´s treason. In some way, the overprint that suppressed the “Spanish Republic” inscription, is in dialogue with the painting as a metaphor of the treason committed by generals Sanjurjo, Mola and Franco against the democratic regime.


Alán Carrasco, El breve siglo XX español, 2020

Print from original postage stamps on Hahnemühle paper, aluminum frame, museum glass

70 x 41 cm.

Edition 1 of 5

3.200,00  + VAT (if applicable)