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Conversation piece: Bublik


After the Second World War, the USSR suffered a significant rural exodus forcing the Soviet authorities to construct massive buildings. They were built by given priority to simplicity and low construction costs, and aesthetics and originality are reduced. The Moscow roundhouse was built in 1972 as a reaction to the standardization of these architectures. Nicknamed “Bublik” (“bagel” in Russian) for its particular shape, the real estate operation was not a financial success. Due to its technical difference from standard buildings it was much more expensive and took longer to build. However, the circular center, which sought to recover the old Soviet communal courtyard and the collectivist spirit of the Dom-Kommuna from the beginning of the revolution, contributed a symbolic value to the project.


Domènec, Conversation piece: Bublik, 2000
Wooden modelm chairs and wallpaper.
84 x 172 x 120 cm, 77 x 134 cm
Unique piece



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