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Cementerio Santa Isabel I (En la Pampa)

Jordi Colomer

This photograph were produced during the shooting of En la Pampa (video, 2008). With this project the artist is questioning: Can we inhabit the desert? Can we inhabit a space with fiction? Thus, Colomer invited a man and a woman that didn’t know each other and that were not actors to live certain situations in the Atacama Desert, in the north of Chile. The desert became a vast stage with multiple sets. Maria and Mateo’s main asset was to succeed in forgetting the camera and to improvise the dialogues according to the action, for example, to wash a car near an abandoned cemetery.


Jordi Colomer, Cementerio Santa Isabel I (En la Pampa), 2008
Photograph on dibond
108 x 140 cm
Edition 5 of 7



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