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Celeste Payne / No Pare

Jordi Colomer

The images that compose Celeste Payne / No Pare (2020) show a completely different space from that of the Mexican city and take us to a road under construction adjacent to the house he was staying. Just like in Mexico City, the pieces of
construction paper were purchased at the nearest store, however this time they offered a different color chart, a unique “Standard Chile”. In this case, the interaction was carried out with the traffic signs dominated by the color orange. The medium for the colors must now be a body, logically that of the person who lives in the nearest house, “el tío Juan”, who thus becomes, through color, a sort of burlesque authority that dominates the space. A celestial blue is added to the orange paper dress that camouflages him, one that is difficult to decode by passing motorists. In the Mapudungún language Payne means celestial.


Jordi Colomer, Celeste Payne / No Pare, 2020
Glicée print on Hahnemühle paper on dibond
3 parts: 40 x 60 cm each
Edition 1 of 5

5.000,00  + VAT (if applicable)