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Police officers contribution

Núria Güell

The artist arranged meetings with police officers, who would flirt with her in the streets, making her feel very uncomfortable. These police officers were also breaking the law. Police members in Cuba are banned by law to engage in a friendship, become close or have sexual relationships with foreigners. The artist played along with their proposals, secretly recorded the encounters and kept their private telephone numbers. Her response to their proposals for intimate meetings was to agree to meet. However, the time and place she suggested was at the opening of the exhibition where the documentation of each encounter with them was displayed using the “police inquiry” technique. Police officers are the most evident side of the control that the System exerts on the individual. In this case, their acts seem inconsistent with what they are supposed to represent. Through this project, the artist seeks to disorder those who represent and dictate order, to question power structures and the “unquestionable” social roles these structures legitimize.


Núria Güell, Aportaciones de agentes del orden, 2009
115 photographs on paper, documentation, board.
122 × 200 cm
Edition 2 of 3



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