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Alfabet (doble X)

Jordi Colomer

The two photographs of the Alfabet project included: Alfabet(X) and Alfabet(doble X) (2021) transport us to the mills of La Mancha. These two images announce the first chapter of a larger project where Colomer will develop a new investigation around architecture linked to fiction. The mills, the typography, and the character that conform the scene refer us to white, to the non-color made up of all the colors. These three elements, in turn, draw the letter “X” which acts as a footnote. The “X” refers to an indefinite out-of-field, an unknown: the giant’s arms that reflect the blades of the windmill as in an infinite mirror, the woman’s body, the letter “X”, and so on x times.


Jordi Colomer, Alfabet (doble X), 2021
Glicée print on Hahnemühle paper on dibond
180 x 120 cm
Edition 1 of 5

9.000,00  + VAT (if applicable)