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Marcos Ávila-Forero

Carved from bananas, we find the reproductions of files about the interference during the Massacre of the Bananeras in 1928: a very dark and not elucidated chapter of Colombian history, of which most of the documents were classified confidential at that time by the CIA and United Fruits Company.
Using the photosensitive procedure of the pinhole, which requires considerably long exposure times, the artist took three photographs of those carved fruits. The photographic device that served to capture the image is nothing other than the cardboard box in which these bananas were marketed, converted into a camera obscura. Evoking by extension all those files and reports that are still confidential, this project appeals to historiographic tools, pointing out their importance to allow the recognition of a dark past and thus begin to heal the wounds of a still active social conflict.
Marcos Ávila-Forero, 1928-Bananeras, 2009-2021
Pinhole photograph on paper
37 x 47 cm each