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Mirror stage. Ophelia (Lars Von Trier VS Mediterraneo)

Avelino Sala

This series of works, Mirror Stage, alludes to the Lacanian conception of the understanding of the Self, presents us with two images facing each other in each piece. On some feathers (that material that symbolizes the poetic, the loss, the fragility, but also to the fall, the memory and to an idea of what can be “carried by the wind” that is: it infringes it) confronted images appear. Real images of drowned in the Mediterranean, these images face pictorial, romantic images of the myth of Ophelia in art, from pre-Raphaelites to contemporary artists such as Lars Von Trier, Ana Mendieta or Bill Viola.


Avelino Sala, Mirror Stage. Ophelia  (Lars Von Trier VS Mediterraneo), 2019
Feathers treated with sublimation photo transfer, framed with wooden slat and museum glass.
35 x 29 x 2 cm
Edition of 5

2.200,00  + impostos (si aplica)